Merecumbé is my trademark, I chose it back at culinary arts school when I was working on my final project, creating a restarurant. It means a musical rythm, a fusion between Colombian Cumbia and the Merengue of the Caribbean. In Panama, my country, it has different connotations, usually referring to things that are a mess, but work well together... like jazz. A Merecumbé is likely to start before a bigger problem. In my culinary world everything is possible as long as it remains ordained by tecnique and discipline. It is by those two pilars that I support having the craziness around.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

BEST SELLER: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

    I have been making this recipe for a while know, but never with the marvelous results of this season. I have to be honest, I did make some adjustments in the recipe, so it is better, it has more carrots, it is more moist, the frosting improved by mistake, ups! I changed the temperature of the oven, the time... wait! I am making a different carrot cake this year? Well maybe I am, and maybe it is better.

$30, loaf $22, 6 cupcakes $12

The truth is I wasn't planning on making any, except for the cupcakes, but my Aunt Ariana, loves giving a loaf size to her peers at work and last year I didn't make any, so I had to please her this year. I ended up making loafs and bundts. For my benefit, I Think I have an excellent new product, I made a couple for Christmas dinners and for a birthday, and have an order placed already. This would make a wonderful wedding cake too!

Carrot Cake is a great gift year round and the ingredients are in season year round too, so feel free to contact me to place your orders any time of the year. You can choose any color of cream cheese icing, or natural if you may... also, any type of sprinkles, which I find adorable. The picture shown here, which I took in a hurry at my Mother's, isn't so good, but in detail the sprinkles are super cute.




  1. I LOVED THIS CAKE!!!! i WANT IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Deliciosoooo mori!!!!

  2. Got it. What are your favorite colors?