Merecumbé is my trademark, I chose it back at culinary arts school when I was working on my final project, creating a restarurant. It means a musical rythm, a fusion between Colombian Cumbia and the Merengue of the Caribbean. In Panama, my country, it has different connotations, usually referring to things that are a mess, but work well together... like jazz. A Merecumbé is likely to start before a bigger problem. In my culinary world everything is possible as long as it remains ordained by tecnique and discipline. It is by those two pilars that I support having the craziness around.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mother's Day Coconut Flan

      One of my most frequented customers requested a coconut flan for Mother's day. I decided to kick it up notch and improved my recipe! This creamy caramel coconut flan is presented with caramel clusters and to give extra coco nutty flavor, toasted flakes. The ingredients must of course include coconut milk, not only coconut flakes and then call it ¨coconut flan¨.  I decided I am going to make one for my Christmas dinner, I just loved the beach like, tropical scent mingling with the rich caramel. One of the things I did learn by eating experience and observation is that if you really soak your flan in caramel, the result are these rich bubbles, that are like a sponge absorbing that rich sauce. They might not be text book correct or aesthetic, but damn that's what I absolutely crave for in a homemade flan. This I learned from Santos, My step mom Mona Lisa's nanny, that learned from her grandmother (also  Mona Lisa) all her recipes. They cooked their flan au bain Marie on the stove top and it is to die for!

That is the spongy texture I mentioned before...

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  1. I loved this one too!!! I usually don't love coconut or nuts in my desserts but I really really enjoyed this coconut flan. It's probably the caramel. You can never go wrong with caramel. DELICIOSO! :D

  2. I am not too crazy about coconut flakes, I do looooove coconut, but in this recipe it just works! I am glad you liked it!!!!