Merecumbé is my trademark, I chose it back at culinary arts school when I was working on my final project, creating a restarurant. It means a musical rythm, a fusion between Colombian Cumbia and the Merengue of the Caribbean. In Panama, my country, it has different connotations, usually referring to things that are a mess, but work well together... like jazz. A Merecumbé is likely to start before a bigger problem. In my culinary world everything is possible as long as it remains ordained by tecnique and discipline. It is by those two pilars that I support having the craziness around.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where have I been?

Dear followers...

I am so happy to inform you tomorrow I am taking my final exams on my Pastry and Bread making classes, yes I am about to become a professional Baker and a Pastry Chef. I have been in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past 5 months in a very prestigious culinary institute called Maussi Sebes. I decided to complete my education and go for it. Nina came with me and we've been living in a beautiful apartment in the neighborhood of Las Cañitas. I have got to go to bed because I am so anxious for tomorrow, but I promiss I am getting back on track with my blog, and publishing everything I have been doing, and more.